Why Fake Plants For Your Home?

Why fake plants for your home? This trend is growing rapidly

Research indicates that both live and artificial plants interchangeably increase concentration, memory, happiness and perceived quality of life. Being around plants can help you perform better in the workplace and be comfortable in your home. If you have no plants in your home, it’s about time to plant or purchase one. But what types of plants are suitable for you, your budget and your space?

Well, fake plants are the best-kept secret. For years, fake plants have been associated with fake homes, but recently, these plants have become a mainstay design in many houses, offices and outdoor spaces. Wondering why? Check out this guide!

First, let’s begin with the drawbacks of greenery.

Fresh, live plants can be demanding, fussy and exasperating to manage and nurture. A single mistake or lack of maintenance can cause catastrophe, and loss of your entire investment. Large greenery installations can be too expensive to buy, and cost more to replace and properly maintain.

Besides the plants, there are fertilizers, pesticides and planters to buy, and irrigation setups to mount and maintain. In addition, you’ll need to understand the plants to ensure the greenery you have bought and grown will thrive. Even if you water the plants, place them in ample sunlight and provide the necessary nutrients; there are many uncontrollable factors that can cause failure or disappointment.

So, what’s the solution?

Many interior designers recommend a combination of artificial plants and natural plant life. Using both plants is the best way to enjoy the ease of faux plants and the benefits of real plants – and can be a great way to create a visual appeal on a small budget. But your best bet is utilizing fake plants. They are affordable, beautiful, and very realistic.

If you have a room with little sunlight, an inaccessible ledge or pests are attacking your plants; then fake plants are better than having a plant-less room. These plants are best suited to low-light areas and buildings where the humidity and temperature are too low or too high for live plants to survive. They are also long-lasting and unaffected by pests.

No need to worry that synthetic plants will appear cheap looking or unnatural. In recent years, artificial greenery has been redesigned and remodelled to look lifelike, as seen on www.artificialplantshop.com.au. Before they felt like toys and were boring and ugly. Now, you can pimp your home with lush silk flowers that require no special lighting or misting, and that never die, wilt or turn brown. Occasional dusting or washing is the only care your artificial plants will require.

Replica plant life enhances the look and feel of almost any area. Best of all, there are various artificial plants you can choose from. These include flowers, bamboo, ivy and trees. This enables you to design and develop the best space to receive clients or guests, and get an option that fits your budget.

The bottom line is, high-quality, well chosen, frequently dusted and properly displayed silk or plastic plants are way better than dying or sick real plants. So why not place fake plants in every possible nook and cranny of your home?